xLights Sequences that showcase the Spectacle of Light

Working to create fun and unique sequences at an affordable price. We work towards sequences built on telling a story with lights and displays shown on the matrix. Based on groups, mapping our sequences will produce a beautiful spectacle of light on your home.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the lighting community with fun and unique sequences for the moderate display at affordable prices.

About Us / Our Story

After years of decorating our house with static Christmas displays, we went all in with a pixel display with my first real show in 2020 called the Tastinger Family Light Show. I personally started playing with pixels in the garage around 2018 and did add a house outline and megatree to my display. However, I just didn't know what to do with it. I fumbled around in xLights trying to make the lights dance but struggled to made anything look good. In 2019, I replaced most of my static lights with pixels. But again, I struggled in xLights. After attending the Florida MegaMini in February of 2020, I learned that we could buy sequences and map them to our house. Then things started rolling. With all the extra time at home in 2020, I worked to map sequences to my small display of approximately 5,000 pixels. During this process, I begin to pick up knowledge and skills in xLights. The bug really set in when in December 2020, I saw for the first time my house dance to music. I was overwhelmed with emotions, and wanted to go bigger. I increased my display to around 12,000 pixels in 2021 and started to make my own sequences. Now, after enjoying my own spectacle of lights sequenced to music and encouragement from several folks, I have setup a store to sell Christmas sequences and an affordable price.

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