xLights Sequences that showcase the Spectacle of Light

Spectacle of Light Sequencing is dedicated to creating captivating and affordable xLights sequences for the community. Our sequences are designed around prop groups, making importing into your show easy. Allow us to help you turn your home into a mesmerizing Spectacle of Light, delighting your audience throughout the season.

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Copyright / Intellectual Property

Spectacle of Light Sequencing fees are for the creation of the sequences only and do not include rights to any media that may accompany the sequences. Media includes, but not limited to, music, video, pictures, or images. It is your responsibility for owning any media rights to copyrighted media. Spectacle of Light Sequencing sales are for labor services only. Third party links will be provided for the buyer to purchase the rights to the music.

About Us / Our Story

After years of decorating our home with static Christmas displays, we took a bold leap into the world of pixel displays with our first real show in 2020 known as the Tastinger Family Light Show. My personal journey with pixels began in the garage around 2018 when I added a house outline and a mega tree to my setup. However, at that time, I found myself at a loss for how to make these lights truly come alive. I stumbled through xLights, attempting to sequence the lights but struggled to achieve any desired effect.

In 2019, I made the decision to replace most of my static lights with pixels, yet the challenges persisted in my xLights endeavors. It wasn't until I attended the Florida MegaMini event in February of 2020 that I discovered the possibility of purchasing pre-made sequences and mapping them onto our homes. This revelation sparked a new sense of inspiration.

With the abundance of time spent at home in 2020, I dedicated myself to the task of mapping sequences to my modest display, consisting of approximately 5,000 pixels. Throughout this process, I began to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to navigate xLights effectively. The true turning point occurred in December 2020 when I witnessed my home dance to the music for the very first time. Overwhelmed with emotion and driven by the desire to expand, I increased my display to around 12,000 pixels in 2021 and even ventured into creating my own sequences. My show is over 16,000 pixels now with the ever-constant desire to go bigger.

Now, having relished the joy of my own spectacle of lights sequenced to music and bolstered by the encouragement of several individuals, I launched this store to offer Christmas sequences to the lighting community.

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